Why Brexit will not happen
The Britts have now voted to brexit.
We must now stop and think about what this means and its consequences. Although referendums in the UK are only advisory the Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that the referendum will be decisive. The act of Parliament witch authorized the referendum said nothing about the decisive power of the referendum.
The only one who has said that the referendum should be decisive is David Cameron who does not have the power to say so. David Cameron is now a "lame duck" pm and will be even more irrelevant as he resigns in sept -oct. A lot of people, influential and not, have now realized that Brexit is a very bad idea.
 Look for example at the common agricultural policy CAP. If UK farmers do not get the same level of subsidiaries as their friends in the EU and open markets will exist the entire UK farm industry will collapse to the benefit of golf courses.
Luckily Red Boris has decided not to run for the conservative leadership. The new Tory leader will probably be Mrs   Theresa May, she looks as tough as Margaret Tatcher once did. I believe she has the strength to go to parliament and say that she will not submit the exit request under article 50 of the EU charter, so the UK will remain in the EU after a very upsetting and nervures autumn 2016. The EU on the other hand will probably have pulled its game together in the mean time to avoid member states to commit other foolishness acts.
Kjell Steenberg june 30,  2016  kjell(at)rexus.se comments welcome